~ Explarring Santa Cruz ~

Big Basin - California's oldest state park! There's tons of hiking, trees, camping, and drifters.
The Boardwalk - Ride the coasters, play carnival games, visit the arcade, or just hang out on the beach, eating.
Surfing Lessons - Cowell's is the most popular beginner's spot in the Monterey Bay. Rent a foamer and ride!
Wilder Ranch - Explore the ranch, ride horses, box bears, mountain bike, or hike!
Monterey Bay Aquarium - Get back in touch with starfish and bat rays. Taunt the penguins, or befriend a jellyfish. The world is your oyster- but are oysters your world?
Kayak Adventures - Get out and kayak in the bay, or take a tour of the local wildlife-riddled estuaries. See where sea otters go to see and be seen!
The Surf Museum - Learn the history of Santa Cruz's surf scene, bra. The museum is located at one of the area's premier pro surf spots: Steamer Lane.
The Wharf - Fine dining, chowder, amazing views and consumer transactions await tourists at the wharf. You can feed sea lions and harbor seals from above!

The Beach - Anywhere you go in Santa Cruz will offer easy access to gorgeous beaches.