You may know me from such films as
"Welcome To Seventh Avenue"!

Or perhaps you have heard me over the airwaves on
"Amos Happ's Electric Chalet Starring Raki Shangles!"

Maybe you've tried my internationally renowned
Side Sippin'!!!
SIDE SIPPIN' is the art of ingesting a beverage while lying comfortably on your side. I perfected this technique during when I was too comfortable to sit up. I recommend using this trick while lounging, watching TV, reading your favorite book, or anytime you find yourself just too lazy to sit up.

Let me guide you through this invaluable skill step-by-step.

Step 1. Pour yourself a nice tall beverage. Scotch preferably, Laphroaig if you got it.
Step 2. Time to kick back and get comfy. A fool believes that you're about to get up for anything.

WARNING: Make sure your beverage is within easy reach!

Step 3. Move the beverage to your mouth and create a seal between the bottom rim of the glass and your bottom lip. Please ensure that there are no gaps: if there are you will leak.

Here's the key: completely relax your mouth and lips as shown.

Step 4. Time for a systems check. Do you have an airtight seal? Once you start to pour there is no going back!

Here is a close-up for you. --->

Step 5. Slowly tilt your glass up until you begin to pour the liquid into your mouth. Do not move your lips or adjust the seal for any reason! Then tilt the glass down until liquid is no longer flowing into your mouth (back to its starting position at step 3), maintaining the seal. It ain't over yet!
Step 6. In one fluid motion, begin slowly closing your mouth as you gingerly tilt the glass towards an upright position. This is Drip Central Time here. Constant vigilance, patience, and practice will ensure the optimal drip-free sip.
Step 7. You did it! Great job, rookie. With practice, you can side sip without even thinking about it! Resume lounging.



This portrait represents an actual moment in time now commemorated in our "hall of memories" gallery. My man and I wanted to celebrate the G-man's birthday in style, so we got some bald wigs, some speedos, some faux moustaches, some broadswords and a precious copy of "Will" together and went to the nude beach. The three men pictured kept drawing inexorably closer to the stunning figures depicted in the foreground, and can you blame them? We were hacking seaweed while dressed as G. Gordon Liddy!

Stalker Details

Broomrakes of Light

This Broomrake-inspired stained glass window resides in the hallway of our home. The ethereal medium of light properly enshrines the subject matter. Have you found your Rakebroom?
"Sweep your inner Broomrake today!"
As the frames progress towards the heavens, the images become increasingly cosmic. The bottom frames depict the Broom and Rake in their most terrestrial applications, raking leaves and brooming socks. This is how the uninitiated perceive Brooms and Rakes, oblivious to their true power. The inner frame holds images of the apostles themselves, Raki Shangles and Amos Happ, sent down from Beyond to spread the word and balance the forces of Broom and Rake. At the top, written in the stars for all to see, the true nature of Brooms and Rakes are revealed. Separate, they are little more than indispensable household tools. Together, they create a vortex of possibility and dynamic transformation. Like Yin and Yang, Broomrakes are a metaphor to live by.

Window Details
This close-up could use a bit of explanation.
The cosmos behind the figures is purple, a color
I chose because of it's use in medieval
artwork to denote royalty and godliness.
The stars form a sock constellation (socks being the
bonny buddies of Brooms) and the targets of any
avid sweeper. The name reads Raki, instead of
Amos, because Brooms represent the female aspect
and Rakes the male, although every being has all
the Broom and Rake they will ever need,
regardless of gender.

Where was Splinter? The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles attack Thomas S. Szasz for writing "The Myth of Mental Illness", which stigmatizes people who seek treatment. But the road to hell is paved with good intentions, and the Turtles' collective id wrestles free. Raphael, how did you find a snake at such short notice... wait a minute, is that April?! I knew it!

Turtle Mayhem-What happened?

Dance Magic Dance

This stop-animation film does not show the best moments of my life- it is just a tribute. We are Amos and Raki and we have had quite a year! We moved from Santa Cruz, travelled through Tibet, and now we live in Belfast. These puppets are hand-made replicas of the originals down to the finest anatomical detail, the latest in voodoo technology.